3/17/2019 - 4/14/2019

Calling Expectations Life Change Perfection Transformation

We all think we have an idea of the people who Jesus can use. But we'll soon find that Jesus used broken people like us - the rough crowd.


Expectations Joy Trust

We constantly deal with unmet expectations that steal our joy. But what if we trusted God to work all things for our good?

12/2/2018 - 12/16/2018

Christmas Expectations God's Will

We're diving deep into the Christmas account, and how it came to be, to unwrap what God had planned for a weary world.

4/8/2018 - 5/6/2018

Death Doubt Expectations Future Past Suffering

Too often, our expectations don't line up. We believe Jesus is greater than anything we could ever hope for.

2/18/2024 - 3/3/2024

Expectations Love Marriage Sex

If you have a pulse, you have the potential to fall in love. But instead of following culture, we want to follow God’s design for love and marriage.