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Everyone at Victory has access to Ramsey + in 2021! Ramsey + is a money plan for real life. Click 'Learn More' to get access to your Ramsey + account today. 

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Get FREE access to the biggest video streaming Bible study library in the world. You'll find so many videos for just about any topic you can imagine, that will help inspire your faith daily. Click 'visit site' to preview the Right now Media site, or click 'sign up' to get free, full access to Right Now Media through Victory. 

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Each week at 8:00am we will post brand-new, inspirational content from one of our writers. The goal for MDWK Motivation is to provide you with uplifting, inspiring segments midweek to help you through the rest of the week. Click 'Learn More' to start reading our posts today! You can also subscribe to our mailing list to have each week's MDWK Motivation sent directly to your email every Wednesday at 8:00am.

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Reading the Bible should be a priority. Here are a few resources to help you read through the Bible and get the most out of doing it.

Click 'Read Scripture' for a Right Now Media series that walks you through the Bible book by book (You will need to get Right Now Media access first). We also have included a link to download the Bible App, where you can find reading plans for just about any topic. 

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Join one of our Facebook groups to interact with other's in the group, and to see content that may not be posted on our main pages. (Joining a Facebook group does require you to have a Facebook account.) Click the button to join one of our groups!



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