Swipe & Sprint

Series: Identity Thief

6/6/2021 - 6/27/2021

Baptism Genesis Identity Life Change

Throughout this series, we're looking at Jacob's life in the book of Genesis to look at the struggle of learning who we really are. Together we're taking back what was...

5/9/2021 - 5/30/2021

Mental health is a serious issue that has had a stigma about it for far too long in the church. Over the course of this series, we are talking about...

4/11/2021 - 5/2/2021

Doubt Faith Uncertainty

With Jesus, there is room for doubt, but it's what you do with your doubt that makes all the difference.

4/3/2021 - 4/4/2021

Easter Rest Resurrection

No matter what struggles you're dealing with - anxiety, depression, questions, doubts, pain - a there is only one true way to find rest.

3/21/2021 - 3/28/2021

Have you ever felt at odds with God? These important interactions in some of Jesus' final moments on earth give us a look into who God is - who He...



Join us for an extended time of praise and worship!

2/28/2021 - 3/14/2021

Culture Parenting

Children don't come with an instruction manual taped to their back. Parenting is hard, especially when culture is pressuring you to keep up. But what is God's design for parenting,...

1/31/2021 - 2/21/2021

Culture Men Responsibility

The idea of masculinity is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions in today's culture. It's on the ropes. Are you ready to be the man God created you to be?