Go All In

Series: Seek F1rst

1/8/2023 - 2/5/2023

Bible Hope Identity Life Change

This new year is full of possibilities…but what if our attention was focused on things that ultimately didn’t even matter? In this series, we will learn to do what Jesus...


Future Life Change Reflecting

Our New Me By 2023 journey comes to an end with today's message as we reflect on the past, and look to the future....


Christmas Grief Hope Joy

The weary world rejoices… We sing it every year, but do we ever stop to think about what it really means? If the world is weary by definition, how can...

12/4/2022 - 12/18/2022

Christmas Hope

For most of us, the Day after Christmas, the goal is to get back to normal. But the day after the first Christmas, things would never be normal again....


Fear Grief Hope Uncertainty

This time of year brings much joy and excitement, but for many, it’s filled with grief, pain, and even fear. But, what is grief and is there hope?...

11/6/2022 - 11/20/2022

Church Generosity Life Change Missions

Through Above + Beyond, we are striving to make a difference here in our community and around the world....

10/2/2022 - 10/3/2022

Hope Identity Life Change Peace Stories Transformation

When you look at your life, what needs to change? Do you believe Jesus can change that for you? These are interactions in Scripture that prove that Jesus can change...

9/11/2022 - 9/25/2022

Hope Peace Stress Struggle

Can God be good when life is not? When you feel broken, abandoned, and struggling to find answers, there's a beacon in the storm. We can find hope in the...