Series: The Unlikely

5/15/2022 - 6/12/2022

Faith Judges Perseverance

Looking into Scripture, we discover that God used the people that others least expected to accomplish great things. This is a series on the book of Judges.


Anxiety Faith Hope Mothers Uncertainty

In a special Mother's Day message, we look at the life of a woman who's life flourished because of her faith.


Join us for kids and students led worship, and a message from Zach about the lies the enemy tries to make us believe.


In a special recap message, we look at Jesus' greatest command as we pursue blessing and loving our neighbors.

4/16/2022 - 4/17/2022

Easter Freedom Hope Peace

You're trying to unlock hope. Freedom. Peace. But who holds the key?

2/20/2022 - 4/10/2022

Discipleship Kingdom Kingdom Mentality Mission-Minded

The Kingdom of God. How much do you know about it? We're doing a deep dive into the Scriptures to discover our role in bringing heaven to earth!

1/16/2022 - 2/13/2022

Connect Reconciliation Relationships

Got broken relationships? Some of our greatest assets are our relationships. While it's easy to start a relationship, it's not so easy to repair a broken one. Together we're learning...

12/26/2021 - 1/9/2022

Back in 2020, we started our journey to becoming “a new me by 2023.” With 2 years down, and 1 to go, we want to review where we’ve been and...