8/23/2020 - 10/4/2020

Discipleship Faith Life Change Transformation

If we didn't know anything about faith, where would we start? Join us as we go all the way back to the beginning of Christianity - the starting point of our faith.

5/31/2020 - 6/14/2020

Discipleship Life Change Transformation

Discover what it means to be fully engaged as we learn to take our lives from online to on mission.

10/3/2021 - 10/31/2021

Discipleship Love Mission-Minded Prayer

Jesus commands us to love our neighbor. To love our neighbor we want to bless our neighbor, because a love like that could change the world...again!

2/20/2022 - 4/10/2022

Discipleship Kingdom Kingdom Mentality Mission-Minded

The Kingdom of God. How much do you know about it? We're doing a deep dive into the Scriptures to discover our role in bringing heaven to earth!