2/18/2024 - 3/3/2024

Expectations Love Marriage Sex

If you have a pulse, you have the potential to fall in love. But instead of following culture, we want to follow God’s design for love and marriage.

2/4/2024 - 2/11/2024

Here at Victory, gamechangers are people who leverage their lives for eternal impact. To serve others the way Jesus did. We want to inspire and challenge both current and future...

1/7/2024 - 1/28/2024

Imagine if you could predict your own future... while we can't predict EVERYTHING, we can certainly do SOMETHING to shape our future. Are you ready to step into a future...


We are in the final hours of the year 2023. A brand-new year is just about here. But what happens at midnight?


During a season commonly known for chaos, long to do lists, and jam-packed family calendars, it’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. But this year, we...

12/3/2023 - 12/17/2023

We believe everyone should want Christianity to be true. Why? Because at the core of Christianity is a simple, powerful idea that is the unsettling solution to just about everything....


We’re asking, “Is there someone I still need to thank?” in a special message that challenges how we think about gratitude.

11/12/2023 - 11/19/2023

There must be more to life, right? What is the meaning to all this? What was I made for?