4/16/2023 - 4/30/2023

Our peace is under attack… but not by anything or anyone you may think! So often WE wreck our own chances at having peace. This is how to sabotage your...


The mighty Lion of Judah has triumphed over death and the grave! What we celebrate when we celebrate Easter is that, because of Jesus’ resurrection, we can live in victory!...

3/12/2023 - 4/2/2023

Easter Repentance

We're going back moments before the cross, and diving into the lives of four men men who were, in some way, responsible for killing Jesus.

2/19/2023 - 3/5/2023

Life Change Prayer Transformation

Since the dawn of time, every culture and religion have relied on prayer, and we still do today. We know it's an important part of our lives, but what happens...


In a special service, we're celebrating our current Gamechangers, and hope to inspire new ones!

1/8/2023 - 2/5/2023

Bible Hope Identity Life Change

This new year is full of possibilities…but what if our attention was focused on things that ultimately didn’t even matter? In this series, we will learn to do what Jesus...


Future Life Change Reflecting

Our New Me By 2023 journey comes to an end with today's message as we reflect on the past, and look to the future.


Christmas Grief Hope Joy

The weary world rejoices… We sing it every year, but do we ever stop to think about what it really means? If the world is weary by definition, how can...