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5 Things That Changed My Marriage


I’ve had the pleasure of reading “Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian alongside some friends the past few weeks. As I read and prayed over my husband, I was reminded of the season where I learned how to love him best. I decided I wanted to have a great marriage and that it wasn’t going to happen by accident. I stopped doing what I had always done and tried something new...

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The Best Gift


Yesterday (November 8th) was my birthday. My husband and boys really work on making this day and week special for me, as I do for them on their birthdays. Growing up we didn’t have much money, but my mom always tried to make the day special by making our favorite meal and dessert. She and my dad would always get us some little gifts that were special to us. I remember one year’s gift very well, much more than the others...

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Got A Light?


We Christians can’t shine a light to lead the captives out of the darkness if our lights are becoming increasingly dim in this dark world. How do we re-charge? I believe we must be as intentional about putting our spiritual lives on a charger as we are about doing that with our cell phones. We must maintain healthy, consistent spiritual habits. Satan is working so hard to drag you out of the light and down into his world. At first glance, it won’t seem dark...

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What I Know


When I began to meditate on this week’s devotion and on what to write, I was initially stumped. No verse seemed right, and no passage in the Bible seemed to leap off the pages screaming, “This is the one!”. I began to wonder if I had anything to offer until I heard that small, still voice say: Write about what you know. I immediately tried to pretend I didn’t hear that voice, and continued to rack my brain for something inspirational and meaningful. Still, the nudge persisted. You see, I don’t want to be vulnerable or transparent with a personal struggle. I would rather keep it all under wraps, slap a “I’m fine” sticker on it and move on...

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Words are complex. A simple four letter noun conveys twelve meanings according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Twelve meanings are complex, so I’m going to use one meaning: to express an idea. Ideas are powerful, but words are the creative force behind ideas. Words give them life. A word is a declaration, or something that is announced. Both Old and New Testaments are based on God declaring words with an action that followed...

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