Pack Away Hunger

Join us in serving with Pack Away Hunger! Every year, we look forward to this packing event where together we pack meals to help feed hungry people in Haiti and other parts of the world, and even here in our own community. 
You can register to serve for our 1:00-3:00pm shift or our 2:30-4:30pm shift. We have a total of 100 spots per shift that we need to fill. Each spot costs $10 and goes to help cover supplies and staffing for the event. This is a fantastic opportunity for small groups to serve. You can also invite others to serve with you. 

We also need your help in donating to make this event possible! The $10/person serving helps, but doesn't get us anywhere close to where we need to be in order to host this event. If you would like to donate to help make this event possible this year to feed as many hungry families as we can, you can give at the link below:

Thank you in advance for your generosity in time and funding for this event! Your generosity is truly changing lives forever. 

Heather Kepner-Trueblood

Victory Christian Church Gymnasium

Date / Time
  • Sunday, September 25, 2022 @ 1:00 PM
Register for 1:00-3:00pm Register for 2:30-4:30pm