Welcome to the Family Scavenger Hunt registration page! Official rules can be found below. After you've read the rules, complete the form at the bottom of the page to register!

Event Details:

  • Arrive by 12:30pm on September 8th to check-in and take your team photo.
  • Hunt lists will be distributed starting at 12:45pm, giving you time to strategize before being released.
  • The hunt requires the ability to take and show photos, and may also require a compass. (Or just bring a smartphone because it can do both of those!)
  • Wear comfy clothes, because you will be walking around Downtown Franklin, Franklin College, and Province Park.
  • Make a transportation plan if your group can't fit in a single vehicle. No transportation will be provided!
  • Return to Victory no later than 3:00pm to be judged, and to receive your team photo and prizes!

Family Scavenger Hunt

Official Rules:


  1. This contest is based on points; the team with the most points at the end wins. In the event that more than one team earns all of the possible points, the winner will be determined by completion time. 

  2. All points must be confirmed by a judge. If you return to Victory to be judged, but all of the items cannot be confirmed for any reason, you will be judged purely based on points, not completion time.

  3. Your completion time will be declared when your judge confirms the final item on your list. In other words, a team that returns to Victory after you might have a faster completion time if they are better organized, or for whatever reason are judged faster.


  1. Each team must provide their own transportation. The scavenger hunt destinations are located around downtown Franklin and Province Park.

  2. The hunt begins and ends at Victory Christian Church, and lasts from 12:30-3:00pm on September 8th. If your team leaves Victory before 1:00pm, or returns to Victory after 3:00pm, you will be disqualified.

  3. Sabotage is not allowed in any form! Remember, this is a Family Scavenger Hunt. All kinds of sabotage are super lame and will result in disqualification. Examples:

    • Taking ALL of the gold coins in Province Park, instead of just one.

    • Moving or concealing the box of gold coins.

    • Taking an item from another team, etc.

  4. Cooperating with other teams is allowed, but the prizes will only be awarded to individual teams. If you wish to share the prize with another team, that’s up to you, but only one 1st/2nd/etc. place team will be declared.

  5. Remember you represent both Christ and Victory. Any non-Christian behavior will result in disqualification. This includes trespassing, causing property damage, and breaking the posted rules of the locations you visit.

  6. Phones CAN be used for for taking pictures, calling Evan or Zach for hints, and as a map/compass if you get lost or need to determine cardinal directions.

  7. Phones CANNOT be used to find answers online! That’s cheating. Be a good sport!


  1. Every team may get ONE free hint at any point in the scavenger hunt by calling Evan or Zach, if they require it. If you choose to use a hint, a 3 minute penalty will be added to your completion time. Not all tasks have a hint available - the list will say “No Hint” if this is the case.


  1. Attempting to bribe Evan or Zach with cookies, money, a car wash, etc. is highly encouraged! However, this will NOT give you any advantage in the competition. Thanks anyway!



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