Welcome to Victory Fight Clubs! What is a Fight Club? It's a group of 2-5 men who meet regularly for accountability and to FIGHT to be the men that God created them to be! Fight Club members fight for their families, and they fight for each other!

Do you know other men in your life that can hold you accountable? Other men that would help you fight to be a better man?
Our Fight Clubs ask the following questions. In a Fight Club, these 5 questions are the leaders of the group.

1. Have you intentionally pursued your relationship with God since we last met?
2. Have you made a priority to love and lead your family well since we last met?
3. Have you looked at anything or been involved with anyone in a way that would compromise your purity since we last met?
4. Have you been honorable and lived with a sense of mission, leveraging your life for others since we last met?
5. Have you been completely honest about the above questions?
Victory Fight Clubs are created from our 6 week series, titled "Fight Club". You can watch it below.