Victory worship

Victory Christian Church is dedicated to providing an excellent, energetic, passionate and authentic experience for everyone who walks through the doors. Because music is such a huge part of our culture we choose songs that speak the language of the world we live in.

We strive

to provide an engaging, irresistible worship experience that magnifies God and draws worshippers into the presence of God.

WE value

Authenticity  |  Passion  |  Engagement  |  Excellence  |  Relationship

Worship & Technical Arts

These are the folks that make the weekend services happen! From camera people to guitarists to those with a more administrative bent, there’s a whole army of people who work hard to make the weekends great! Some positions here require experience or expertise, but for many, you just need to say the word “Yes!” Key traits are dependability, a great attitude and a willingness to be part of a team. Most of our positions are available to those ages 16 and up, and we provide training to help you to do what you do well. 

We’re looking forward to serving alongside you!

Worship Team Application